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This is how the Yoga Creator works:

My Flows menu button: Lists all saved flows alphabetically. Additional purchased flows prepared by yoga instructor Inge Schöps are also included in this list.
The flows can be edited by clicking on the Edit icon.
One click on the picture or title will play back the flow.

Arrow button in the flow slideshow view:
Print: Lets you print the selected flow.
Email: Lets you email the selected flow.
Share: Lets you send the selected flow via Bluetooth or WiFi to other iOS devices that run YogaCreator.
Standby on/off: Turns the automatic screen off feature off (or on again). This way you can hear and see the flow to the end, without interruption. If you leave the app, the automatic screen off is activated again.
Start button: Plays back the flow as a slide show. The new asana is announced each time you change.

Asana menu button:  Shows a list of the asanas available in YogaCreator, with their Sanskrit and English names. The list is searchable. Clicking on an asana position in the list displays an enlarged view of the picture. You will also learn more about the effects and obtain assistance with aligning the position.

With the + in the list, or the + button in the Asana Detail view, you can add the selected asana to a flow.

Edit Flow menu button:
Shows the list of asanas chosen for this flow. 
By clicking on the preview picture you can:
- adjust the duration of the asana
- flip the picture so you can work both sides of your body.
- set the picture as the preview picture for the List view.
Click on the title of the flow to enter a name for each flow.
Edit button: Lets you drag and drop to change the order of asanas in the list.
Arrow button:
- lets you assign a piece from the device's music library to the flow.
- add the attached sample music
- remove the music
- saves the flow and displays it in the My Flow list view.