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Preparation in jars and cans

Rezeptfoto aus der Dirty bowls and plates? Use jars and cans! Is your sink stacked with dirty dishes and your crockery cupboard bare? Not a problem for today’s single person. Why mess up plates when food comes in jars anyway? Instead of pots, you can use cans and containers. Why add dressing to the salad if the salad will  fit into the dressing? Prepared in the jar, it can be eaten out of the jar as well. This not only saves time, it also tastes better.

Good yesterday, better today

Rezeptfoto aus der Nichts wegwerfen KochAppYou’ve made a new friend at the cinema, or you’ve met an old school friend in the bar, and you need to make more of the occasion. But how? An impromptu dinner invitation, of course! But that’s hardly possible without going shopping  first, and certainly not on a Saturday night. Or perhaps it is. How about cheese-topped tortilla chips bought at the cinema or yesterday’s gnocchi with red curry sauce? And perhaps a cocoa sorbet to go with it? It’ll undoubtedly make for an unforgettable evening.


Rezeptfoto aus der Nichts wegwerfen KochAppYou know the scene: you go to the supermarket hungry and come out still hungry but with enough food to last for weeks. What to do? Eat until you burst? Feed it to the cat or the gold fish? Donate it to charity? Compost it? Or put it straight into the rubbish? Why not try preserving, and at the same time improving, your excess food? There are many methods: boiling, freezing, pickling, marinating – in sugar, vinegar, oil or alcohol. You can vary the flavors according to your choice: sweet, sour, sweet-sour. Improved flavor and durability included!

Cooking with leftovers

Rezeptfoto aus der Nichts wegwerfen KochAppWhat’s left over after each day… Almost every time we cook and eat, there are leftovers. They make a wonderful starting point for completely original new meals or for old, almost forgotten dishes. The priority here is to make the best out of very little. It is to use leftovers creatively, economically, tastily and nutritiously – all for the pure pleasure of eating. Some of these dishes can be found in three-star restaurants – what more is there to say? Leftover

Favorite foods with a difference

Rezeptfoto aus der Nichts wegwerfen KochAppNew discoveries You might well have eaten potato pancakes but what about potato pancakes without potatoes? Or potato crisps turned into a tortilla? How about cornflakes in scrambled egg? Or salmon burgers? Just do things differently once in a while – that’s what these recipes are all about. The results are surprisingly tasty, and very easy to make. And by the way, there are incredible numbers of combinations still waiting for you to discover.