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Easy Cooking

A cook-app for the small kitchens of the 21st century, for the single person; a cook-app that could be used every day and be understood by an amateur cook; a cook-app that only used ingredients that would be in the house anyway.

It contains many brand-new recipes never seen before and uses leftovers, which we always get wherever food is cooked and eaten. It presents well-known ingredients in completely new combinations.

It makes use of takeaway cuisine, of which most of us partake at some time or other, as a source of unusual creations. And it uses prepared foods off the supermarket shelves, making them into surprisingly fine dishes with very little effort.

However, the true ingredient of this book is imagination. Imagination that serves popcorn with chocolate, turns canned sardines into a sandwich spread and prepares cornflakes (without milk) in a frying pan.

If you like experimenting and trying things out, you will surprise yourself – and others – with your culinary talent.