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A solid knowledge of ingredients and preparation techniques makes for the best cook. It’s not as difficult as you might think. This book takes you through everything worth knowing about cooking — from preparing ingredients and putting them together to finishing the dish. Clear step-by-step images and instructions explain techniques and help to overcome any obstacles to the art of cooking.

The .B-App "The Cook's Encyclopedia" supports the user with lots of features such as level of difficultytime specificationmail functiontipshopping list which surely helps for successful outcome of the cooking.

A detailed illustrated glossary comprehending kitchen terms, basic equipment, information about cooking time, groceries, wine & cheese provides basic information.


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-tips.png Tip

Almost every recipe and preparation comes with an expert tip. It's always worth looking into it, since here you'll find the chef's tips and tricks, helpful informations about alternative ingredients for the recipe, useful suggestions, or possible matching side dishes or sauces.

In the preparation "Dicing onions" e.g. the tip explains and illustrates why onions sometimes have a bitter taste. The reason is a blunt knife. Onion dices which have been rather pressed than cut get glassy edges. Their juice has been squeezed out!


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-time.png Time specification

The number on the right side of the recipe's front view indicates the approximate preparation time in minutes. This helps you to schedule your menu.

Of course, the actual time for preparing depends on the cook's experience. Sometimes the time specification seems very long. Then, rising- resting or chilling time is being considered. When a dessert has to be cooled, a dough has to rise or legumes have to be soaked, it will be indicated in the first step of the recipe.


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-stars.png Level of difficulty

The stars indicate the level of difficulty. One star is for easy, two stars are for intermediate, and three stars are for advanced.

Of course it depends on the cook's experience if a recipe is perceived to be easy or difficult. Thanks to the detailed photo illustrations the recipes are comprehensible in any case and do not require any expert knowledge.


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-mail.png Mail function

Do you want to share your favorite recipe with a friend? Or send a recipe to your partner so he or she can prepare the evening's menu? By tapping on the mail button, you can easily send the whole recipe including list of ingredients and food-photo.

The mail function enables to print out the recipe through the mail-programm. You might prefer having it printed out in front of you while working on a pizza-dough in order to avoid fingerprints on your iPhone.


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-search.png Search function

A full-text search for 350 recipes, 70 preparations and tips helps you to quickly find whatever you are looking for: a special ingredient, a sauce, a certain recipe you can't remember the exact name of... That is a lot more comfortable than leafing through a printed book!

If you search e.g. for "salmon", the search function delivers you besides 4 recipes with salmon as the main ingredient, matching side dishes and sauces. It also shows you recipes, in which salmon might be used as a substitute to the used fish.


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-ingredients.png List of ingredients

The illustrated List of ingredients permits a quicker comparison of the ingredients you already got at home and the ones that you have to go shopping for.

By tapping on the Shopping cart symbol on the upper right side of the recipe view, the list of ingredients will be stored in the menu Shopping on the bottom. Of course, even if you close the application, the stored shopping list will be available for you the next time you open the app. Any time available in the supermarket, shopping turns out to be a digital fun!


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-shopping.png Shopping list

A shopping list can be automatically generated out of the list of ingredients: Tapping on the shopping cart symbol, the list of ingredients of a certain recipe will be stored in the menu Shopping. There, any number of shopping list will be ready to be worked on at your next visit in the supermarket. Then, walking through the store, you can easily cross out the ingredients that you already put in your shopping cart or the ones that you got at home.

The shopping list always shows the exact amound of ingredients which is needed in the recipe. If you want to cook for a higher number of persons other than the recipe is created for, be aware that amounts cannot be doubled, such as other providers suggest. We at Buenavista Studio know that cooking is not like a mathematic equation!


tl_files/glyphish/Glyphish 6 Icons-glossar.png Glossary

Kitchen terms: 97 technical and foreign language terms like barding, sweating or mirepoix explained and illustrated.

Basic equipment: Depicting 54 of the most important cooking-tools such as a rubber spatula, a steamer pot or a soda siphon. What do I need it for or when should I use which tool?

Groceries: Containing 187 illustrated descriptions with informations on cooking time, e.g. for razor shells, fillet or artichokes.

Wine: A short lexicon with 84 entries informs about terms like adstringent or botrytis cinerea, and comments on popular wine regions and famous grape varieties.

Cheese: A presentation of 28 of Europe’s most common types of cheese round out the glossary.