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How Going Vegetarian! works:

screen shot App Going Vegetarian!

Chapter menu button: 

Recipes are listed by regional cuisines such as Nordic, Mediterranean etc.

Search menu button: 

Find recipes by ingredients or recipe name.

Favorites menu button: 

The "dog ear" function. Make a list of your favorite recipes, and use the Edit button to put them in order.

Shopping list menu button: 

Makes a shopping list of the ingredients for the recipes in the recipe display. Click on the individual ingredients to cross them off the list once you have them or they are no longer required.

Glossary menu button:

The glossary describes the vegetarian proteins used here, such as tempeh and tofu, and a number of special ingredients such as gomasio and quinoa.

About menu button: 

This information is here.

Click on the Photo list: get to the page with the recipe. 
Browse sideways through: Recipe - Ingredients - Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 ....
Move the Slider symbol: to turn the plate and view it from three sides.

In the recipes view you can use the Options button to:
Add the recipe to the Favorites list or Shopping list.
Note function: You can now write your own notes for the recipes - and synchronize them with iCloud if you like
Read-out function: Reads the recipe steps out to you.
Print function: Prints out a formatted recipe sheet with a photo.
iCloud: Synchronizes notes, shopping lists and favorites between iPad and iPhone

Regarding the ingredients:

A teaspoon (tsp) is 5 ml, a tablespoon (tbsp) 15 ml. Unless otherwise stated, whole milk is used. The quantities of potatoes, vegetables, and eggs refer to medium sized produce. Pepper is always freshly ground.

Children, the elderly, pregnant women, invalids, and convalescents should avoid dishes containing raw or lightly cooked eggs.

The recipes have all been checked, followed, and sampled with the greatest possible care. Despite that, though, errors are unavoidable.

We are grateful for any information, and for the opportunity to improve and correct Going Vegetarian!.