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The Perfect Blend - Support

The Perfect Blend - Smoothies and Juices - Help and Support

Chapter menu button: Recipes are listed by chapters
Search menu button: Find recipes by ingredients or recipe name.
Favorites menu button: The "dog ear" function. Make a list of your favorite recipes, and use the Edit button to put them in order.
Shopping list menu button: Makes a shopping list of the ingredients for the recipes in the recipe display. Click on the individual ingredients to cross them off the list once you have them or they are no longer required.
Glossary menu button: The glossary gives you information about fruits, benefits and tips..
About menu button: Information about the app, help & hints, Copyright information and access to the Settings menue.
Settings: Set the apps language independently from the chosen country setting.
Standby on/off: Turns off automatic sleep mode while preparing your smoothie. When you leave the program, automatic sleep mode is reactivated.

Click on the Photo list gto get to the page with the recipe.
Browse sideways through: Recipe title - Ingredients - Preparation

In the recipes view you can use the Options button to:
Add the recipe to the Favorites list or Shopping list.
Send the whole recipe as an Email.
Send a Comment to .B-Apps.
The recipes have all been checked, followed, and sampled with the greatest possible care. Despite that, though, errors are unavoidable. We are grateful for any information, and for the opportunity to improve and correct our app.

Reading aloud: Please choose the Read selection option under Settings - Help. You can then double-click on the text to be read aloud and play it with the Speak button.

Regarding the ingredients:

 This app uses metric and imperial measurements. Follow the same units of measurement throughout; do not mix metric and imperial.

All spoon measurements are level: teaspoons are assumed to be 5 ml, and tablespoons are assumed to be 15 ml.

Unless otherwise stated, milk is assumed to be full fat, eggs and individual vegetables such as potatoes are medium, and pepper is freshly ground black pepper.

Recipes using raw or very lightly cooked eggs should be avoided by infants, the elderly, pregnant women, convalescents and anyone suffering from an illness.