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This is how the .B-APP Sauces works ...

Menu button category: Recipes are sorted by pasta & risotto, meat dishes, cocktails, Italian products, etc.
Menu button search: Find recipes by ingredients or recipe name.
Menu button favorites(iPad only): With this button, you can store your favorite dish or individual dish sequences.
Menu button Shopping list (iPhone only): The list of selected ingredients in the recipe overview are collected here as shopping list. Each ingredient can be crossed out by cklicking on it, to indicate that it is completed or not.
Menu button glossary: The kitchen lexicon containing the 450 most important culinary words.
Menu button about: Here you can find this information.

By clicking on the list of photos, you can go to the recipe page. A slide show can be started, be paused and resumed at any time by using the button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Each recipe is illustrated step by step, using a series of three to five photos. Further down on the ingredients list, the step-by-step photos appear again with detailed descriptions. Simply follow the directions, and you'll succeed with your recipe.

The Option (...) button is only active when you are visiting a recipe. It provides the following options: - Add the recipe to the shopping list (iPhone) or favorites list (iPad). - Send the recipe as mail to print from your desktop. - Give a feedback to the App Developers (us). - Show a tip (not in all recipes).

Comments on ingredients

One teaspoon (tsp) equals 0.2 fl oz./5 ml, and one tablespoon (tbsp) equals 0.5 fl oz./15 ml. Unless otherwise indicated, whole milk is used. The information given for potatoes, vegetables and eggs relates to medium sizes. Pepper is always freshly ground pepper.

Children, the elderly, pregnant women, sick and convalescent persons should avoid dishes with raw or lightly cooked eggs, raw fish and seafood.

All recipes have been tested, prepared and tated with the utmost care and concern for quality.


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