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.B-APPs: beyond books

The Cook's Encyclopedia for iPhone, iPad and as a 786 p book

.B-APPs  are all about life. We focus on subjects like cooking, travel, lifestyle, wellness and health. .B-APPs  are just like books except that they’re better then books.

Audio-visual content: By deeply weaving compelling and beautiful photos, sequential images, video, audio commentary and annotations into our apps we give you what you need to really understand the material.

Image quality: With decades of experience our internationally acclaimed award winning team produces all of the images and media specifically for our Apps. You will never find stock images in any of our products. Shot with state of the art equipment our high resolution images and media really take advantage of the iPhone and iPad's Retina display and really set the bar for this medium.

User Experience: Our attention to detail doesn't just stop at image quality. For us the user experience is perhaps the most important element of our products. Our Apps are designed to be fast, elegant and extremely easy to use.

Portability: One of the truly revoltionary aspects of Apps is there portability. Whether you're in the kitchen, on the metro, flying to a business meeting, curled up on the couch or at the supermarket your .B-APPs are there for you. And you don’t need a network connection.

Ease of use: What's the point of having access to all this information if you can't find what you need when you need it? In our Apps searching is fast and effective and once you have found what you need you can quickly get to it again with intelligent bookmarking. Add advanced sharing and other helpful tools and we think you'll find yourself returnng to .B-APPs  time and time again.

Design: With our years of experience in image and design it's obvious that we care about how things look and work. We think you will find our Apps as beautiful as they are elegant and useful. For us attention to detail is a mandate.

Planning tools: Why make an App if you can't take advantage of the technology that is available in the palm of your hand? At .B-APPs  all of our Apps feature tightly linked digital tools like an automatic shopping list generator, timers and time estimators, and quantity and material calculators and convertors. We've got your planning needs covered and we give you what you need to do it right.

Personalization: .B-APPs  are all about improving and enriching your life and as such we've built in ways for you to make them your own. You can annotate, customize and share to your hearts content.

We're really good at what we do: .B-APPs  are made by a team of award winning photographers, designers, writers, world class chefs, talented and gifted coders and software engineers. When you buy one of our Apps you are gauranteed a perfectly designed, deeply researched and tested, finely crafted and timeless digital publication that we're sure you will use and enjoy for years to come.