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Yoga Guide: Namaste

Yoga Guide is an app for all iPhone owners who want to integrate the millennia of India's meditation arts into their daily lives. It supports daily practice in any situation: at the hotel, in the park, at home, during business travel, on holiday, at the spa, during training classes and more.

Whenever you feel like doing something good for yourself, powering down, being by yourself or relaxing, the Yoga Guide will be your discreet, totally competent assistant.

 The Yoga Guide provides instructions for the 50 most common poses (Asanas). Each set of instructions is exquisitely photographed and fully described. For beginners, there are simplifications and added tips. For advanced Yogis, variations are provided.

Additionally, the Sun Salutation and 12 other complete sequences of postures are taught. Choose your own program according to your mood, from recharging to relaxing. With this remarkable app, you can do whatever is right for you!

A special feature of this app is the convenient search function. It makes all the contents easily accessible and usable for you. For example, enter Abs and it will display all of the asanas that contribute to strengthening them.

The Yoga Guide is the app for everyone who values inner calm and concentration, serenity and performance as part of daily life.

"Yoga consists of 1% theory and 99% practice and experience." (Patthabi Jois)