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What is "The Cook's Encyclopedia"

A photographic cooking class

Buenavista Studio transforms iPhone/ iPad users into creative chefs. The digital version of the standard cookbook by Witzigmann's student, Patrik Jaros, explains exactly how to fillet a fish, prepare artichokes or cook a classic hamburger. In over 350 fully illustrated recipes, the chef shows step by step how to prepare tasty dishes from fresh, everyday ingredients. The standard tasks also apply to cakes and desserts.

In all, you get:
350+ recipes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad;
70 preparations explained in depth;
97 kitchen terms, fully explained;
190 food descriptions;
and 3,400+ photos, available offline.

Patrik Jaros was for many years a student of the brilliant chef Eckart Witzigmann. Now, with the new 768-page book, “The Cook's Encyclopedia", he has included the most important everyday recipes and had their preparation photographed. It’s cooking knowledge at the star-rated level, now available for everyone. At last, you can go into the kitchen and see just how to prepare truly delicious food. From classic rice pudding over scrambled eggs to baked potatoes with herb cheese and lasagna, and even black tagliatelle with squid or potato dumplings with sage and sausage, this new work shows its expanded range.

It’s actually easy to replicate the recipes, too. More than 3,400 photos show how it’s done, step by step. However, because the printed book weighs eight-and-a-half kilos and would easily make the countertop near the stove sag, Buenavista Studio offers an everyday version of this reference work as a standalone app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Our newest app —"The Cook's Encyclopedia" — takes the reader by the hand and teaches the many techniques that the world’s great chefs have mastered. Patrik Jaros explains, with precise instructions and a wealth of photos, how to properly gut and fillet a fish, how to make a perfect Hollandaise sauce, or how to cut onions in such a way that all the dice are exactly the same size. Likewise, many cooking techniques are presented in the same app as the basis of information about the main ingredients. Additionally, there are cooking times for the different product groups such as rice, potatoes, vegetables, poultry or fish. Many tips and tricks from Witzigmann's student round out this part of the book.

Says the app’s publisher, Günter Beer, "Whoever masters the fundamentals learns to cook better. In this way he can properly execute the recipes and can also enjoy varying the recipes according to his own ideas."

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Whoever wants to try “rare roast rack of lamb with rosemary,” “sea bream steamed in white wine” or “chicken cutlets in curry-coconut breading” will always find a list of ingredients for four people on the recipe page together with all the steps needed. An important point is that not only are all the ingredients shown with small photos but every single hand movement arising in cooking is also depicted with its own photo. So, the instructions are always clear and understandable, and you’ll see them right on the screen.

Adds Günter Beer, "A full-text search is always ready to help retrieve a particular recipe from the database. Also, the automatically generated shopping list ensures that no ingredient for the planned menu will be forgotten on the next shopping trip."