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Extend your MEAT! App

Meat! is the ideal app for all those who love to cook and eat well. The app offers all the essential components without having to buy the "big" The Cooks Encyclopedia app. Want to build up your own cooking app to suit your personal interests and preferences? A selection of different chapters is available at the App Store.

Egg Dishes, Salads & Appetizers, Soups 
(50 recipes + 6 preparations)

Cakes & Bread, Fruit & Desserts 
(50 recipes + 13 preparations)

Freshwater Fish, Saltwater Fish, Crustaceans & Shellfish 
(36 recipes + 6 preparations)

Cold Sauces, Sauces & Stocks  
(62 recipes)

Vegetables, Grains & Legumes, Plant Proteins 
(40 recipes + 36 preparations)

Pasta, Rice, Potatoes 
(56 Rezepte + 11 Vorbereitungen)