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For Profis and the rest of us *****
by Nimbleworth - the Cooks Encyclopedia - Version 4.0 - 2012-08-17 (SWISS)
At the end of a long day, it is often very difficult to get one's head around a menu. This application has proven it's worth time and time again, as I can call up a menu and study it,and know what it will look like. The pictures alone, make the experience enjoyable,and re-awaken my interest in food.
Great App *****
by WFEvans - the Cooks Encyclopedia - Version 4.0.1 - 2012-07-27 (USA)
Very clear instructions.
Maravilhoso! *****
by AntonioAraujo1 - the Cooks Encyclopedia - Version 4.0 - 2012-06-18 (Brazil)
Apple made a mistake. Should allow 6 stars for this application.
5+ STARS *****
by LaDana w Emerson - the Cooks Encyclopedia - Version 4.0 - 2012-06-15 (USA)

Since purchasing this app back in October 2010 I have yet to regret buying it, and this update has made a great app, outstanding!! The completely redesigned layout is fantastic: the chapters are now displayed in a carousel layout -- it's like flipping through a Rolodex, which is a great touch!! Also recipes can now be saved in a Favorites folder (and they're saved in alphabetical order), the photos are even more appetitizing and eye-popping, and a pinch out expands the photos while a tap, hit the Done button, takes them back to the original size!

Unless I'm missing something, the "Voice Over" screen reader is not available in the iPhone version but that's no reason not to purchase this app!! The Cooks Encyclopedia was well worth the price two years ago and it STILL is!!! I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this app!!!!!


Best cooking app  *****
by fabrikstudios - Kochen! - Version 3.2 - 2011-03-24 (USA)

This app is very helpful. Even involved recipes are easy to understand & illustrated with step by step photographs. Encourages to make dishes that previously may have seemed too difficult for an average home cook.

I like this app a lot ****
by BPalto - Kochen! - Version 3.0 - 09.01.2011

This is a very interesting and useful app.  The recipes are unusual in some cases (the developer is from Europe) and the step-by-step photos are extremely helpful.  Even though I am an experienced cook and baker, it's so helpful when making something for the first time to see how it is supposed to look at each stage.  The glossary is not always as helpful as I would like (e.g. some entries are pictures only with no explanation) and that is why I rated it four stars.  The developer is very responsive to inquiries.  Be aware that in the bread recipes, he means fresh cake yeast even though the recipe says active dry yeast.  Everything I have made has turned out wonderfully.

Worth the money!! ****
by LaDanaWendy - Kochen! - Version 3.0 - 14.10
I was a bit leery about buying this app because of the price but I took a chance and I'm very glad I did!!  This app is amazing -- there's a "ton" of recipes (21 chapters) and an A to Z glossary. This app is literally a step-by-step cookbook with pictures at each step!! I'd add two things: a "Favorites" option and a "Menu Planner". Currently, you can't save any recipes in a favorites file nor can you save specific recipes to a menu planner if you're putting together a dinner party, a holiday meal or a child's birthday party but don't let that stop you from purchasing this app!  I've never spent so much on an app but for this one, I'd spend the 9.99 again (no hesitation)!!